CIES Mentorship: Marketing automation

Congrats for your implication in the mentorship program !
You’ve got good client results.
But imagine having email marketing being taken care of.
Anyone who enters their email on your form, will receive a posturology email every week, for a year! 
You can put this form on your website or send a link to the form in an email.
This effectively automates emails!
This is a partnership with !


  1. Register an account over at ActiveCampaign by using this link:
  2. Buy the Marketing Lite package ( 348 US$ or 470 CA$, per year ) or better.
  3. Please send us your account login:
    Email & password (you can change password afterwards)
    Our email:  [email protected]

    We’ll load all the emails, the automation, as well as the form. (please allow 24 hours)
    The form requires an email address at minimum (optionally, it can ask for language, their name, etc)
  4. Where to put the form?
    If you’ve got a website, ActiveCampaign will generate an embed code to be placed on your website.
    If you’ve no website, no problem. ActiveCampaign will give you a direct link to the form.
    We’ll assist in this initial setup.

Thus, when you client or you, enter an email on the form, ActiveCampaign will send an email every week, for 52 weeks!

Questions?  [email protected]