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Maintaining good posture is the first step to physical and mental health optimization.

What are the benefits?

Proven system

In over 20 years, Biotonix has successfully treated hundreds of elite athletes and evaluated over a million patients.

Artificial intelligence at the service of posturology

The A.I. allows precise determination of postural deviations and even the distribution of the center of mass.

Demonstrate your results with solid proof

Client progress is no longer just visual, but is now calculated in degrees, in mm or inch with the highest precision on the market.

Clear and accurate reports? ✔️👍
In 2023,
postural evaluation is done with the Biotonix System
Amazing results in a few months

Marc-André is our most recent client with whom we use the BIOTONIX system. After only 2 months in posturology, we can already see the progress both visually and in the data report.

Louis experienced a great improvement in his posture in the last 6 years that he has work with us. Very recently, we introduced the BIOTONIX system in our intervention with him. The precision of the system allowed us to prescribe an even better program and perform better interventions.

The results came in faster than with our previous method.

What you get

Video Tutorials

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  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Environment
  4. Settings
  5. Camera Calibration
  6. Lateral view
  7. Anterior view
  8. Posterior view
  9. Conclusion
  10. Biotonix Software Walkthrough