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Training Center for Clinical Posturology​

Does posture affect movement ? 🤸 pain ? 😩 stress ? 😟 sports performance ? 🏋

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Posturology: the missing link

Listen to Mat Boulé and James Maskell discuss posturology and its role in resolving complex problems, such as:


How do the eyes and feet relate to postural alignment?

What sort of compensation mechanisms has the human body developped, faced with every day life?
What do they compensations bring about? Is it possible to address them?
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The CIES method is based on
Sensory Input
Brain Integration
Combine the above to unlock these benefits
Pain Relief
Reduced Stress
More Energy
Increased Sports Performance

Official CIES Training

Our training combines a theoretical & practical approach.

2 modules over 4 days allows us to cover, in an in-depth manner, the human body’s receptors: feet, eyes and manducatory apparatus, scars, etc.

The goal of this training is to know how to conduct, in a clinical context, a complete postural assessment of these receptors, and to find the treatment to address the cause of the patient’s symptoms.

Hands-on tutorials are practiced in all courses. Courses are given by the doctor and practitioners.

In addition to the in-person component of the course, the practitioner will benefit from:

Our Speakers

Dr. Bernard Bricot

Orthopedic Surgeon by training
Gold medal recipient of the Marseille hospitals
General medicine, Posturology, Vertebral pathologies
Auriculotherapy, Auriculomedicine

Mat Boulé

Osteopath by training
Over 12 years experience
Functional Neurology Certified (IAFNR)

Dr Ryan Cedermark

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
Family Nurse Practitioner

Gabriel Roy Lehoux

Kinesiologist by training
Over 12 years experience
Personal Trainer

Antoine Massicotte

Personal Trainer and Posturologist
Over 10 years experience

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